What is Cupping Treatment?

The treatment performed by applying only cupping without any bleeding process is called cupping therapy.

Cupping Therapy is often preferred in cases of muscle spasm. High levels of lactic acid accumulate in overused and tired muscles or muscles in spasm and cause fatigue. With cupping therapy, blood circulation is increased in the spasmed area and lactic acid is removed from that area and excreted from the body through urine.

In Which Diseases Cupping Therapy is Used?

It is useful in the following conditions

  • Pain due to strains in the shoulder blades and arm bones, joints and lumbar muscles,

  • In pain caused by lumbago

  • Shoulder and back pain

  • Fibrositis pain,

  • Pain caused by nervous contractions,

  • Pain caused by slipped discs and resulting pain in the lumbar and neck region

  • Pain caused by rheumatic disorders,

  • In the treatment of pain caused by arthritis,

  • Temporary nervous contractions in certain parts of the body,

  • Reducing extreme fatigue.

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