What is the Graston Technique?

The Graston technique allows effective detection of injured tissue and fascial restrictions.  It is applied to different muscle structures using titanium-coated steel rods in different shapes.

The main goal is to reduce pain and provide joint range of motion. Blood circulation increases in the applied area and healing is accelerated. It distributes the regional edema caused by injury with the applied compression force. It dissolves adhesions formed in soft tissue.

In which cases the Graston technique is applied?

It gives very useful results in the following cases

  • In neck and back pain,

  • In tenderness of the muscle group between the neck and shoulder (trapezius),

  • In fibromyalgia,

  • In tennis elbow,

  • In golfer’s elbow,

  • In Rotator Cuff Problems (shoulder pain)

  • In Hamstring Injuries

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling, which is a highly effective method especially in local muscle pain, is applied using needles of various sizes that do not contain any medication. In the applied area, the tissue is stimulated for the body to repair itself.

Contrary to popular belief, patients feel almost no pain during the application. After selecting the appropriate needle size according to the area to be treated, the application is performed with appropriate angles and appropriate positioning. Body anatomy knowledge is very important. It must be applied by trained specialists. The needles are withdrawn after waiting for a certain period of time in the treated area. Very satisfactory results are obtained in muscle spasms. It does not leave any restrictive effect on the person after the application.

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy means treatment applied by hand. It can be applied in musculoskeletal problems where physical therapy is needed. Manual therapy can be applied to relax and stretch a muscle. It is done by a physiotherapist touching the patient and feeling the patient’s complaints (pain and spasms) by hand.

Together with manual therapy, exercise methods can be added to the treatment to ensure that the result is permanent. In order to ensure the permanence of the comfort felt by the patient after the manual therapy and physical therapy session, the exercises given/taught should continue as long as the physiotherapist recommends. The effectiveness of manual therapy, which is a completely scientific method, has been proven by scientific publications.

What is Paraffin Treatment?

It is a mixture of hydrocarbons with a melted waxy structure. It is a therapy method applied to accelerate blood circulation to the extremities of physical therapy patients. Since there is a superficial temperature increase in the applied area, it reduces muscle spasm and pain. Subsequently, it prepares the treatment area for massage and exercise. When enriched with liquid petroleum jelly content, it is a suitable method for skin care.

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