Palliative care is the medical support necessary for individuals whose quality of life has deteriorated after serious illnesses and who need serious medical supervision and support to continue their lives safely. A multidisciplinary approach is extremely important in the palliative care process.

Individuals who want to receive palliative care should definitely prefer institutions with sufficient infrastructure in this regard. The patient is admitted to the palliative care unit after the necessary evaluations and a treatment program is planned. The main goal of the healthcare team is to try to increase the functional capacity of the person while keeping their life functions at a normal level.

Palliative care has an important place especially in patient groups who have difficulty in eating, drinking, breathing and moving after serious illnesses.

The treatment and care of all patients who are bedridden due to cancer, SVO (stroke), ALS or similar diseases, who continue to breathe with a mechanical ventilator through a tracheostomy, who are fed from the stomach with a PEG, and who need regular aspiration are carried out at Bilge Hayatlar Healthy Living and Rehabilitation Center.

The medical infrastructure of the special care service is organized in accordance with hospital standards. Vital signs of patients such as blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature are continuously monitored by bedside monitors. There is a central oxygen system to be used when necessary.

Why Bilge Hayatlar for Palliative Care?

Our medical team consists of doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians and patient care support staff who specialize in bedridden patient care and have experience in this field.

Patients’ treatment and care, which have been previously arranged in external centers, are continued by nurses under the supervision of a doctor. Periodic blood tests are performed regularly. The preliminary diagnosis and first intervention of any changes that may occur in the patient’s health status are made by the medical team. In cases requiring further examination and treatment, the patient’s treatment is continued in contracted health institutions.

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