What is a Fracture?

A fracture is a breakdown of bone integrity that occurs in any bone of the body. There are many types of fractures. Techniques such as plastering, intra-bone fixator placement are used in the treatment of fractures.

Physical Therapy After Fracture

The rehabilitation process for each fracture is different depending on the fracture site, the type of fracture and the level of involvement. In this process, early physical therapy intervention is important to ensure proper union, to reduce pain and edema, and to prevent any permanent effects on the fracture site.

How Long Does Physical Therapy Last After Fracture?

Physical therapy is initiated according to the condition of the fracture. While the treatment of undetached, low-load, small fractures lasts faster, the treatment of multiple, fragmented and large fractures takes longer. Regardless of the fracture, physical therapy should be started at the earliest stage approved by the physicians.

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