Physical Therapy After Knee Replacement Surgery

There may be many reasons for choosing knee replacement surgery. A previous injury, anatomical disorders that cause knee pain, wear and tear on the joint and bone surface with aging are among the reasons for sufficient preference for surgery. Physical therapy is very important to reduce the pain after prosthesis surgery, to maintain muscle strength and to maintain range of motion. In individuals who do not receive physical therapy after prosthesis surgery, knee angles are less than normal, and the area behind the knee does not touch the ground when the legs are extended.

After knee replacement surgery, it is very important to start physical therapy as early as possible in line with the physician’s recommendations in order to ensure that the knee joint moves at the angles it should move, to strengthen the muscle group that provides control of the knee area, to disperse the edema that occurs, and to ensure that the person progresses in accordance with the process and moves independently.

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