What is Aphasia?

It is a speech disorder that occurs when physical trauma or bleeding/stroke, usually in the left side of the brain, damages the areas of the brain responsible for language and speech.

What are the Symptoms of Aphasia?

·         Difficulty Speaking
·         Difficulty in Nomenclature
·         Difficulty in Understanding and Explaining
·         Difficulty Choosing Words


Aphasia Treatment

Treatment planning varies according to the person’s condition. Communication and speech therapists specialized in this field apply techniques aimed at cognitive recovery. To increase communication skills, language and speech activities are used to enable the person to communicate accurately and meaningfully.

How Speech Therapy Works?

In Speech Therapy, it is aimed that the voice comes out properly and at a sufficient volume. Normal speech is ensured by practicing the correct use of breath, pronunciation of letters that are difficult to say, transitions between words, emphasis and intonation.

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