What is Swallowing Therapy?

As a result of various diseases, swallowing problems may arise. When the patient cannot swallow, nutritional problems arise and the general health of the person begins to deteriorate. Swallowing therapy is a type of rehabilitation that uses specific exercise approaches to deal with all these problems.

What happens if the patient cannot swallow?

Foods that are not swallowed correctly can escape into the respiratory tract. This can lead to serious health problems, respiratory disorders and life-threatening conditions called aspiration pneumonia. It must be prevented at an early stage. In patients with swallowing disorders, feeding channels can be opened through the nose or directly from the stomach. A return to normal nutrition is possible with swallowing therapy.

Can Swallowing Disorder Be Treated?

Swallowing disorders are a treatable problem with the right treatment methods. With the active participation of the individual, swallowing exercises and stimulation of the swallowing muscles, progress is made in the treatment. In the following sessions, the person begins to perform swallowing function more normally.

How Swallowing Therapy Works?

The aim of swallowing therapy is to allow food to pass directly into the digestive tract without leaving any food residue in the mouth. By practicing the activation of the right muscles, the food is sent through the pharynx and esophagus and into the stomach. In the first sessions, the patient is given foods that are simpler to swallow. Afterwards, other foods are introduced as improvement is achieved.a

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