Turkey is a region suitable for medical tourism and alternative health tourism thanks to its climate, sea, beaches, thermal resources, forests, plateaus, as well as the ease of transportation with an airline brand such as THY, which flies to the most destinations in the world. At the same time, our country is the focal point of quality service with university hospitals, training research hospitals, private health institutions throughout the country in terms of medical health tourism.

Turkey ranks second in the world in terms of the number of hospitals accredited by JCI. Health services in Turkey are cheaper compared to other developed countries. For these reasons, Turkey provides health tourism services that can compete with developed countries in terms of health services with strong tourism potential.

The increase in the average age limit with the change and development of the quality of life has brought along many problems in the psychological and social dimensions of the elderly. Thus, meeting the needs of the elderly such as health, accommodation and rehabilitation creates significant problems, especially in countries with limited resources. Ankara, which is one of the cities that provides the highest quality service in Turkey, especially in the health sector, is advantageous in terms of having many Research, Universities, Private hospitals and the best doctors. There are many private and state organizations that provide services for elderly care and rehabilitation.

Bilge Hayatlar is a health center in Ankara that has an International Health Tourism authorization certificate and provides inpatient treatment. Our company provides comfortable service that will make you feel at home with our English and Russian-speaking staff. While staying in our institution, your transfer to the hospitals/organizations where you can get the best service for your other needs is provided within our control.

  • Treatment Process in Turkey

    The prescribed treatment or medical procedure for the patient is transferred to our team.
    A report containing your treatment process and pricing information in Turkey is presented to you by the Health Services Team,
    From the moment you decide to be treated, you will be notified of the “health visa” conditions,
    After your health visa is approved, your doctor appointments are organized.
    Reservation is made at the hotel of your choice and your optional flight tickets are provided.
    You will be met at the airport by our team on the scheduled day and time.
    A mobile phone you can use in Turkey, an informative brochure about the hotel and the region are given.
    You will be able to meet with the team that will undertake your treatment.
    Your treatment or medical procedures are carried out in the Health Institution of your choice.
    After your treatment, you will be transferred to the airport.

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