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Bilge Hayatlar

Our facility serves in Ankara-Yaşamkent with a bed capacity of 43 beds and a residential area of 2,200 square meters. Our medical team consists of doctors, nurses and support staff who specialize in bedridden patient care and have experience in this field. It has been specially designed and built to provide residential physical therapy, palliative care, post-operative care and elderly care (getriatri) services.

The medical infrastructure of the special care ward is organized in accordance with hospital standards, just like a hospital. Vital signs of the patients such as blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature are constantly monitored by bedside monitors. There is a central oxygen system to be used when necessary.

Bilgehayatlar is the only health center in Ankara that has an International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate and can provide physical therapy services to patients connected to a respirator.

At Bilge Hayatlar, guests and their relatives are informed about the current disease by specialist physicians. At the same time, our guests are prepared to return home by providing training on the correct use of medication, correct movement, correct nutrition and correct follow-up in the fight against their existing diseases.

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