What is Physical Exercise?

In physical therapy, exercises specific to the individual’s complaints and disease are planned. There are many types of exercises such as strengthening exercises, range of motion exercises, stretching and flexibility exercises, as well as balance-coordination exercises, endurance exercises, which are the types of exercises that are predominantly performed in inpatients.

Examples of Physical Activity





-Arm-Leg and Trunk Movements…

How Do I Determine My Physical Activity Level?

The level of physical activity that the individual should comply with should be planned by a specialized physiotherapist according to the age, diseases, exercise goals and physical condition of the individual. An individualized exercise program is created by using appropriate test batteries.

Benefits of Exercise and Basic Types of Exercise

Physical exercise is extremely valuable for maintaining cardiovascular health, improving the musculoskeletal system, avoiding depression and maintaining overall body functioning.

Basic exercise types include;

Strengthening exercises, balance exercises, coordination exercises, range of motion exercises, stretching exercises.

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